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Cirque Du Mort Vol. 1 Cover by AnastasiaCatris Cirque Du Mort Vol. 1 Cover by AnastasiaCatris
Cirque Du Mort Vol. 1 was successfully Kickstarted in October 2014 after only 37 hours of going live. The first volume was released in May 2015 and is now on general sale via Amazon, Etsy and selected local bookstores in the USA and UK. 

'Cirque Du Mort' is a collection of gruesome short stories centering around the cast of a haunted circus. Their lives, loves, deaths and everything in between. From the tragic to the ridiculous, the romantic to the macabre, each character in this cursed carnival has a story to share with you. 

Meet Felicity and Mallory: the famous Janus sisters. They shared a womb, a life, a liver, a grave... 

Or Mimi the Mime. Once a chatty clown with stories to tell - she just couldn't hold her tongue. So someone held it for her... 

Roll up! Roll up! Enter if you dare... The greatest show NOT of this Earth... 

'Cirque Du Mort' is a self published book; written, edited and illustrated by Anastasia Catris. It was published in May 2015 and launched at London MCM Comic Expo. 

Volume One contains 10 unique and highly illustrated short stories surrounding different circus characters and how they met their grisly ends. Told in a variation of styles from fairy tales and nursery rhymes to fiction and realism, this is a collage of style and art that is bound to delight.

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